Monday, September 10, 2007

World’s Smallest GPS RF Antenna Module with SiRFstarIII

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10th September , 2007
Europe UK : Antenova announced the general availability of GPS RADIONOVA M10214-A RF Antenna Module – the world’s smallest RF antenna module incorporating a complete SiRFstarIII GPS chipset targeting mobile handset, portable navigation device (PND) and portable media player (PMP) applications.
Antenova’s GPS RADIONOVA M10214-A is a full GPS hardware implementation combining the high performance SiRFstarIII GPS architecture with Antenova’s high efficiency complementary antenna technology. “GPS RADIONOVA M10214-A RF Antenna Module is the result of significant customer demand for a small form factor module that integrates both a complete SiRFstarIII architecture based GPS receiver and Antenova’s leading GPS antenna architecture,” stated Greg McCray, CEO of Antenova. “Antenova’s RF Antenna Modules have been designed from inception to deliver a high performing drop-in system solution that will work with a range of GPS receiver chips. This flexibility enables us to provide customers with an RF antenna module with the GPS receiver option of their choice and one that is best suited for their mobile applications. “ Antenova’s GPS RADIONOVA M10214-A RF Antenna Module is the world’s smallest single package system solution to combine SiRF’s GSC3LTf GPS receiver IC with Antenova’s high efficiency patented GPS antenna technology. The M10214-A is an optimized and integrated GPS RF antenna module consisting a high performance and low power receiver IC with Antenova’s single feed two-part complementary antenna and all the front-end components (e.g. low noise amplifier, SAW filters and TCXO), that provides a dropped-in system solution for mobile devices with no customization required. The low profile connector and optional PCB cut-out allow the small 43x9x4mm3 single package module to be vertically mounted with a low 6mm height requirement. GPS RADIONOVA M10214-A operates on a single 3.6V positive bias supply with low power consumption and available low power modes for further power savings. M10214-A is supported by SiRF’s GPS software suite and uses a UART/SPI host processor interface. McCray added, “SiRF is a recognized leader in the GPS semiconductor market. Our active engagements with leading chip partners demonstrates our commitment to providing customers the broadest range of high performing, lowest cost complete GPS RF antenna module system solutions for the GPS enabled handheld and mobile device markets.”

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