Monday, May 29, 2006

Verizon Wireless Passes E911 Compliance

location based services

Verizon Wireless announced it has reached the E911 compliance threshold set by the FCC, noting that 95 percent of handsets operating on its network now offer location-based services (LBS).
In October 2005, Verizon Wireless requested an extension beyond the set Dec. 31, 2005 compliance deadline. Several other carriers made similar requests during that timeframe, including Sprint Nextel and Alltel.
The carriers have expressed concerns over the mandate because it is difficult to get customers to switch to new phones that offer GPS technology if they do not want to do so.
Verizon Wireless says it was able to bring its operations into compliance through education and a commitment by its staff to reach 95 percent compliance.
The carrier claims to be the first national wireless carrier to meet the FCC requirements.
In the past, CTIA has been a vocal opponent to the Dec. 31 deadline, saying it is unfair to consumers. The association also has pointed out that carriers have been successful in meeting E911 Phase II deadlines and that 100 percent of all new activations are location-capable handsets.

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