Monday, May 29, 2006

Rand McNally Mona: GPS Service for your Mobile Phone

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Another mapping service has hit the mobile phone market. This one from Rand McNally has the ability to work with your phone to get you from here to there with easy to follow directions spoken from your phone. When I say your phone, I mean the currently available 4 Moto phones that only work on the Nextel service (Motorola i710, i730, ii736, i830, i860). More to come soon.
"With Rand McNally MONA, anyone who needs to get from place to placecan access reliable GPS navigation affordably using the cell phones theyalready have, without spending thousands of dollars on an in-car navigationsystem," said Robert Apatoff, Rand McNally's president and CEO.
The service will set you back $9.99, but if you need directions in a pinch, the price is cheap.

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