Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Second International Joint Workshop on Ubiquitous, Pervasive and Internet Mapping

location based services

(UPIMap2006), Seoul, Korea, October 23 - 25, 2006The ICA Commissions on Ubiquitous Mapping and Maps and the Internet announce a workshop in Seoul at the end of October 2006. The workshop is sponsored by the Commission on Ubiquitous Mapping, the Commission on Maps and the Internet, the University of Seoul, the Center for Spatial Information Science (CSIS) of the University of Tokyo. The ICA commissions were formed in 1999 and 2003 respectively in response to the rapid growth in the use of electronic networks to make and distribute maps and spatial data, and rapid diffusion of new mobile devices. The purpose of the workshop is to bring together international specialists in the field of Mobile Mapping, Location Based Services and Internet Mapping, and to disseminate information to a broader audience on new developments and major areas of research. UPIMap2004 in Tokyo included on site demonstrations of commercial human and car navigation systems and visits to the Tokyo metropolitan traffic control center and the VICS (Vehicles Information Control System) center for car navigation. UPIMap2006 in Korea will present another opportunity to see the latest in mapping technology. Demonstrations in Seoul will highlight new developments in ubiquitous and Internet mapping. A visit will also be included to the digital city simulation center at Seoul University.Important Dates
June 20, 2006 - Abstracts Due (300-600 words)July 10, 2006 - Notification of AcceptanceAugust 31, 2006 - Working Papers due for Paper SessionsOctober 23 - 25, 2006 - Workshop in Seoul

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