Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Listen Up, Navigation System. I Know a Shortcut.

location based services

Navigation devices may suggest routes that do not match your tried-and-true paths. But the Pioneer AVIC-Z1, an in-dash entertainment and navigation system, will learn and follow your favorite routes, storing the information on the hard drive that holds its map data.
The AVIC-Z1 can speak street names and highway numbers, and you can command it by voice — not just for navigation but also to operate its radio, DVD and CD players, and an MP3 music library it builds from CD's as you play them. (When the car is in motion, DVD video will appear only in the back seat.)
With accessories, the unit can play Sirius or XM satellite radio, show which roads are jammed, connect to Bluetooth cellphones, operate an iPod and display images from a rearview camera.
The AVIC-Z1, which is available for about $2,250 from online and offline car stereo dealers, has a 7-inch touch screen that sits flush with the dashboard like that of a factory-installed system.
Its detailed maps show streets and landmarks clearly, whether the route you're following is your choice or the AVIC-Z1's.

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