Monday, August 06, 2007

Sprint Location Based Services – Online GPS

location based services

Published by Palan on August 5, 2007 08:35 pm under GPS
I have been using EvDO for a while and the Rev.A speeds rock putting most EDGE/GPRS networks to shame. Recently came across the GPS feature in the EvDO-S720 card, a new software/firmware update makes the GPS function more easier to access. On older Sprint connection manager software you had to be disconnected from the network and type ##GPS over the Go button to bring the hidden GPS window. With the new connection manager for S720 it is all right there in the menu.

Location Based Search(LBS) enables you to do queries against google maps, yahoo maps, live maps and mapquest for places/businesses near your current location. There seems to be two modes for the LBS operation:1. Using triangulation from Sprint towers; this mode works even when indoors, something most GPS’s cant do.2. Using the built in GPS in S720.

Real time GPS: Triangulation using Sprint towers is restricted to 30 minute intervals, however the realtime GPS updates (NMEA protocol) can be used with any real time mapping software like MS Streets and Trips, Tom Tom or better yet using realtime server based direction from google earth (need the $20 pro version). The GPS operation works simultaneously as live map data is being downloaded over EvDO network.
Forget map updates, TMC traffic over FM —- Welcome online GPS!!To use the real time GPS, find the GPS port# from the GPS menu and use that as your COM port in the GPS software that is, it is that simple!!
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