Saturday, August 18, 2007

Aliant launches exclusive location based services

personal navigation device PND

Aliant, an Atlantic Canada information and communications technology provider, has announced the launch of four new location based services (LBS) exclusively for its wireless customers. Through the combination of innovative wireless and Internet technology, Aliant now offers the ability to determine the location of a wireless device and provide personalized applications and services based on that location.

NewAliant services include:

- Seek & Find provides peace of mind for today’s busy parents by allowing them to view the location of their children, in "real time", from an Internet connection. Features include regular location alerts that can be set to correspond with daily routines, such as arrivals from work or school, and customized pass codes and permission requirements to access and use the service.

- It’s important that businesses be as productive and efficient as possible. With GoTrax(TM), customers can locate employees, in "real-time", on an interactive map. It means that employees can be dispatched more quickly, response times can be improved and fleet can be better managed and scheduled.

- Roadside Assistance subscribers have worry-free roadside assistance throughout North America, just by having a wireless device in the vehicle. With a customer’s consent, Roadside Assistance uses location based technology to help determine a mobile phone location. It’s accessible wherever there is coverage in Canada and the United States - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

- By simply dialing #TAXI (#8-2-9-4) from their mobile phone, customers can instantly and easily order a taxi cab anywhere in Canada. #TAXI uses the location of the mobile phone to help determine all available cab companies able to serve the caller and then makes the connection.

These location based services use Assisted Global Positioning Satellite (AGPS) technology by combining the accuracy of GPS technology, CDMA Network Triangulation (AFLT) and Cell Site Location technology to determine locations in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor surroundings. These services are available to customers with AGPS-enabled devices across Atlantic Canada and throughout the country, in digital and High Speed Mobile (EV-DO) network coverage areas.

These AGPS services are not currently designed for public safety applications. Emergency services personnel are not provided an exact location from a wireless 911 call.

[August 15, 2007]

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