Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sony Ericsson chooses Wayfinder for its new navigation solution

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Confirming our predictions made two months ago (read our article here 125) Paul Morisson, a spokesperson at Sony Ericsson revealed us today his company has chosen Wayfinder as a supplier for its off-board navigation solution bundled with its GPS accessory HGE-100 launched last week (see here 223). This software does not feature 2D or 3D on screen navigation but turn by turn text commands and voice guidance. Tele Atlas will be the map provider for this software that includes map coverage for Europe, North America and other territories covered by TeleAtlas today.

Text navigation
Magnus Nilsson, CEO of Wayfinder reached today over the phone was obviously delighted to be the provider of this first Sony Ericsson navigation solution, but he would not further comment this deal. Wayfinder also announced last week to have raised US$ 10.7 million on the market. “It is encouraging that all major owners have demonstrated their continued commitment to the company by subscribing for their shares and underwriting additional amounts. The capital provides Wayfinder Systems with a stable financial position and the necessary resources required for capitalizing on the strong market growth expected in the coming period" said Magnus Nilsson. With the acquisition of Webraska by Sanef, the funding of Jentro by US venture capital firm NEA, and this new client and funding for Wayfinder, the European off-board navigation market has been moving a step forward in the recent weeks; nevertheless the interest of European mobile phone users for such solutions has still to be confirmed.
Thursday 21st June 2007

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