Saturday, July 07, 2007

Nokia 6110 Navigator Videos

location based services

6110 These are pretty old, but I wanted to share them anyways. After the break you'll find several videos showing off different aspects of the Nokia 6110 Navigator, the 2nd Nokia S60 device (since it came out before the E90) to have GPS built-in. However, as I've mentioned before, it's odd to me that this one comes with Route66 pre-installed, instead of Nokia's own Maps software.

It DOES, however, have A-GPS, which the N95 will have soon, and I have to say, that's a tremendous boon for GPS built into these devices. The lock-on is consistently under 1 minute, which is a BIG improvement over previous firmwares for the N95. I'm anxious to see more and more devices have GPS built-in, because I think that location-based services are going to be a hot hot industry in the next year or two, specifically for advertisers. You just can't beat being able to target people who are within a certain area of your service/product, and who are searching for it.

Click through to the videos, if you're interested in the phone, you can get prices over at After playing with the 6110 Navigator in Chicago, I'd have to say I'm a huge fan of the device.

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