Monday, July 23, 2007

GPS-trusting German trucker gets tangled with Swiss tree

location based services

Swiss council workers had to chop down part of a tree to clear a German truck which got stuck in a narrow dead end because of its driver's blind faith in his onboard navigation system, police said.
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The 37 year-old driver, who was looking for the factory where he was due to drop off his cargo, ignored several no entry signs to turn into the obviously narrow pedestrian lane in broad daylight, police in the Lucerne region said. "He obstinately followed the female voice of the navigation system and drove another 300 metres (yards) until the lane came to an end," they added. Council workers in the central town of Sempach with chainsaws had to intervene after he tried to reverse out, damaging two lamp posts, a hedge and finally getting the truck stuck in the branches of a cherry tree. The trucker was fined 650 Swiss francs (390 euros, 540 dollars).

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