Monday, October 08, 2007

Wherify Wireless, Inc. Announces Springboard LBS Platform for Multiple Applications

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SAN MATEO, CA -- Wherify Wireless, Inc. (OTCBB: WFYW), home of the award-winning Wherifone GPS Locator Phone and Services, today announces its intent to deliver in Q1 2008 its Location Based Services (LBS) platform, named Springboard, which is designed to enable carriers, application providers and mobile device manufacturers in developing location based services applications for their products and services. Springboard will provide development capability to support a wide array of consumer and enterprise applications beyond navigation, such as mobile social networking, mobile community search and shopping, fleet management, and more. Springboard technology will also support both GPS- and non-GPS-equipped devices. The new Springboard platform will provide an easy to integrate Application Programming Interface (API) beyond basic location features to enable a comprehensive LBS application implementation within a wide variety of electronic devices and service provider offerings. The platform, which fully supports telephony, notification, multimedia and mobile content push features, is GSM-based, but it is implemented independent of carrier infrastructure, and will allow handset manufacturers, application developers and telecommunications carriers to use a single platform to support multiple applications and devices. With Springboard, device manufacturers and service providers will be able to speed their location dependent applications, such as mobile shopping and advertising, to market by avoiding the time consuming and expensive process of designing all of the components of the platform. Additionally, Springboard will allow these organizations to reduce development time and expenses; and raise margins by outsourcing day-to-day operation of the LBS functions and back office support systems. "Over the past few years Wherify Wireless has invested a significant amount of time, capital and energy into developing its LBS technologies and for the first time is opening up this platform for use by other organizations. We believe almost all consumer and enterprise mobile applications in the near future will require location intelligence," said Vince Sheeran, CEO of Wherify Wireless, Inc. "Carriers, Handset Manufacturers, and Application Developers are all facing the same challenge: how to come up with a seamless end-to-end location rich applications, which integrate the GSM network, mobile device and application user experience. Wherify has a long history in solving this problem throughout the development of the Wherifone GPS Locator Phone and Services. We have developed the new Springboard product offering based on our solid LBS expertise to provide a single comprehensive location platform solution." About Wherify Wireless, Inc. Wherify Wireless, Inc. (OTCBB: WFYW) is a pioneering developer of personal location products and services, as recognized by the Smithsonian Institution Museum's adoption of Wherify Wireless' groundbreaking first product, the Child Locator, into permanent display as the world's first commercial personal GPS tracking device. With three U.S. patents granted in the areas of personal location and position tracking and four more patents pending in the area of GPS locator phones, Wherify Wireless continues to be a leader in location technology development by integrating Aided-GPS location into a GSM cellular platform that has been demonstrated on over 100 GSM networks world-wide. Wherify Wireless' expertise in GPS technology for wireless devices and its patented back-end location service engine enable customers to obtain real-time location information on individuals and property directly through the Internet or any phone. Wherify Wireless was founded in 1998, and is located in San Mateo, California.

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